How do I return an item?

Please contact customer service at for more information on returning an item. Thank you!
Return Policy There are no returns or refunds accepted once payment has been completed.
There is a 7 day warranty on all warrantied parts from the time of order being placed.
Exchange only on warrantied items.

There is no warranty or returns or exchanges of Tanks (Including -Mini Pro Tank, Vivi Nova BCC and E-Max Tanks, Atomizers and E-Liquid. (These items are considered to be disposable and consumable)

All warranty parts must be returned to Max Vaper before a new replacement will be shipped.

If you experience faults with your product after the 7 day warranty has expired, please contact Max Vaper Technical Support Department directly to assess the situation and discuss a reasonable solution.
All parts covered under the 7 day period will be replaced once they have been shipped back to Max Vaper at the purchasers expense. This 7 day warranty starts at the time the order is received.

The warranty is to basically cover items from be D.O.A. or from a very premature failure. All items deemed to be damaged from misuse will not be covered under the warranty, and may be returned to the customer at their own expense. All batteries are tested to be in working order before shipped to customer to ensure the best quality control standards are implemented by Max Vapor. Return Policy of Defective Equipment is to ensure quality control standards are improved and to report/inform manufacturer of any potential defects that can be corrected in the future.